a lovely portrait by Sam Rohn

Hi! I am Chiara, a freelance visual designer based in Venezia.

My work mostly focuses on the representation of the environments through VR. I design and develop visual communication projects, experimenting with new languages and media.

After my studies in Architecture and Visual Arts, I started Officine Panottiche with Luca Vascon, a company working on award-winning immersive projects; I have planned and coordinated the BA in Media Design at IED Venezia and taught in the same school.

Since 2004 I have been creating VR contents, attempting not to use the immersive media only in a descriptive manner, but enhancing their narrative features. I can draw 360° environments on paper in equirectangular projection from scratch, both real or imaginary scenes. I am very interested in the intersection between the digital and analogue worlds.

I am collaborating with Fallani Venezia Screen printing Studio to print fine art limited editions.