Schianti. Tracce panoramiche per raccordare i secoli (in English: Crashes. Panoramic traces to join the centuries) is a panoramic illustrated book by Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto, curated by Emanuela Zilio. It is one of the outputs of the project La Montagna nel cuore e nella penna (in English: The mountain in the heart and the pen), in which 11 artists worked in locations that have been affected by the First World War and by the hurricane Vaia in 2018, that both destroyed several mountainous areas in the Veneto Region, in North-East Italy.

The book combines a booklet and 3 leporellos collected in a cardboard slip-case. The booklet gives information about the context by displaying a map of the locations overlapped to the lines of the front and the area where the hurricane occurred. The concertina folded pages show the panoramic illustrations on the front side, the description of the location, the GPS coordinates and a QR-Code on the back. By scanning the code with a smart device, the panoramas on paper become immersive environments, getting the drawings in the digital dimension.

The nine panoramic sketches that illustrated the book depict the most significant spots of Asiago Plateau, Belluno Dolomites and Belluno Prealps at the time of the Great War and the hurricane Vaia. The illustrations grasp the overall view of the events and allow readers to explore the details. The locations are all recognisable, but their representation is filtered by the eye of the author and the stories told by the guides that showed the traces and remains of the war and the storm.

The drawings have been created from life in June 2021, in equirectangular projection, with a ballpoint black pen on white A4 paper. The original sketches have also been displayed in the collective exhibitions Alberabilia, which took place in Venice and Ostana (CN).