Venezia, Area Saffa 360º illustration

The Area Ex Saffa, designed by Gregotti Associati between the 80s and the 90s, is one of the few examples of contemporary architecture in the city of Venice.

Until the 50s there was a matches factory called “Saffa”. 
The buildings perfectly fit in the Venetian environment, by proposing and interpreting some fundamental elements of Venetian architecture: the altane (terraces) on the rooftops, the cocciopesto on the walls (cladding material made by broken red  bricks) and the pietra d’Istria (white stone from Istria) that highlights staircases, eaves, parapets and windows.

World Wide Panorama Continuity event

360º illustration
Pencil on Moleskine notebook 20×13 cm
Drew in equirectangular
Digitalized, edited and coloured in Adobe Photoshop and PTGui