Definition on Merriam-Webster: Juxtaposition, the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast or to create an interesting effect
From Latin juxta near + English position

Artists use juxtaposition as a powerful tool to highlight differences or similarities. They explore the placement of contrasting elements to invite viewers to draw connections between seemingly unrelated elements. Contrasting colors, different materials or subjects, temporal or spatial relationships can be used to create juxtaposition. Juxtaposition can convey complex narratives, challenge perceptions, and stimulate dialogue.

I am collecting example of visual juxtaposition:

U-Turn VR
Nathalie Mathe (Creative Director/Exec. Producer), 2017

UTURN is an immersive live-action VR series that allows viewers to experience both sides of the gender divide. The aim of this inclusive experience is to increase engagement with gender diversity.

Still from the 360 video showing the different physical spaces. Via UTURN

UTURN innovates by placing the viewer in the middle of two intertwined stories, told from either a female or male character perspective. Viewers can choose which perspective to watch at any time. The unique spatial sound design ensures that only the scene being viewed can be heard. Missing any part of the story may alter the viewer’s perspective.

“We started from the notion of a psychological blind spot, which one cannot see nor have access to by definition. The spherical view of virtual reality offers a new way of seeing the whole picture, an integrative worldview of different perspectives. From exclusive it becomes integrative. What if we could get viewers to discover their own blind spot by giving them the choice to experience different gender perspectives? Our design uses the spherical view of 360 video to integrate male and female perspectives in POV stories. Viewers have the agency to choose who they are at any point during the story.”

30 x 30 x 30
Ryts Monet, 2015

Collages from the series 30 x30 x30. Via Ryts Monet

The work 30 x 30 x 30 is composed of a series of 30 elements, each consisting of an assemblage of two postcards depicting different obelisks from around the world. Although the monument remains the same, the surrounding landscape varies in each fragment.

Trenitalia vs Die Bahn
Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto, 2006

The World Wide Panorama (WWP) is a theme-based non-commercial collection of VR Panoramas. Since 2004 it happens 4 times per year, at equinoxes and solstices. It is a kind of feast of 360º panoramas, where the panoramic community gathers submitting a themed picture.

The World Wide Panorama (WWP) is a theme-based non-commercial collection of VR Panoramas. It started in 2004 and it occurs four times a year, during the equinoxes and solstices. The panoramic community submits images according to the theme decided by the board, a kind of celebration of the medium through a message.

On the day of the autumn equinox in 2006, I was returning home from my Erasmus program and proposed a split view of a German and an Italian train 🙂
No artistic pretense!