I am exploring some potential other Venices in Europe. Thanks to an European grant I am having the opportunity to visit Aveiro, Gdańsk, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Hamburg.

The visit to a city involves observation and action. An overview of the urban area is needed, by walking in the various neighborhoods. The city’s museums offer precious information, they usually have a rich library containing book on the development of the urban area and often its relationship with Venice. The main difficulty is the language of those publications, that sometimes could make the consultation almost impossible. Conversation with locals offers good insights and the precious point of view on the same subject.

After the gathering the information of scouting process can begin. The suitable viewpoints are documented. The corresponding viewpoints that could match it is drafted. In a second moment, when returning in Venice, the matching position is checked.
Due to the weather conditions the exploration and the sketching campaign was sometimes hard to carry out. 

The 360° images are sketched on location with pencil on paper and then digitized. The production of at least a couple of panoramas allowed me to prototype the physical and digital displays, as well as the sketch maps for the AI generations.