Venice and Stockholm are often compared for the fact that they are both city born from archipelagos. A mixture of salt and fresh water wet the shores of the islands in both cities. This magical mixture kept the warship Vasa, sunk just about 1 km from the harbor in 1628, almost intact for more than 400 years in Stockholm’s basin.

In Stockholm, these islands are rocky and give the city its distinctive shape. Although in the old part the buildings are facing the canals and the inner streets are narrow, the architecture has neoclassical influences.

On Södermalm, the island in the southern part of the city, there is an old brewery called Münchenbryggeriet, which is now a venue for events and congresses. The parallel with Molino Stucky, the mill that is now a luxury hotel on the island of Giudecca in Venice, is easy to see. Both are factories built in the same period, both are cathedrals celebrating the power and wealth that comes from work. From both points of view you can admire the skyline of the city.

For the Stockholm sketch, due to the tourist restaurant ships permanently parked on the shore, I had to merge two different views and adjust the parallax on the final panorama.