The illustration is pretty detailed, to explore what you could find inside a venetian house. The goal was drawing an environment that could be “realistic but not real”, that could host more than 30 objects, from Murano glass, to sculptures and prints, to gondolas. By clicking/tapping each active object, you are directed to the webpage displaying the related products on sale.

To draw the environment and the elements of the room I have studied several venetian palaces and houses; drawings of the Vedutisti and venetian painters of the XVIIIc., such as Pietro Longhi and Gabriel Bella. It would be impossible to draw on location, due to the lockdown taking place in Italy since October 2020.

360º illustration
Drew from scratch from my imagination in equirectangular format
pencil on A4 white paper / Adobe Fresco on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
Advanced patching: Pano2VR and Adobe Photoshop
Code: KRPano, by Luca Vascon

Timelapse of the drawing process, VR version here

From the illustration I made also a paper craft sphere template, printable on A3 paper. Download, print, cut and assemble, to get your paper sphere!