The design comes from a 360º photography taken by the panoramic photographer Sam Rohn in Tokyo in December 2019, while we were filming a Theta Z1 commercial

During the lockdown in early 2020 he started working with the projection, getting a very nice result. Inspired by a beautiful view of Kyoto by the Master woodblock Printer Kan Kawada, I drew on Sam’s image to achieve a stylized graphic design. We talked about the process at a virtual roundtable at the SXSW 2021.

In April 2022 the Master Printer Gianpaolo Fallani asked me to print a subject for an exhibition in Venice on the occasion of Homo Faber, a biennial event taking place in Venice, celebrating the very best of craftsmanship, the edition was focusing on living treasures of Japan. Shibuya Nonbei Yokocho was perfect for that purpose!

Gianpaolo and I hand-printed the artwork at Fallani Venezia screen printing studio, in an edition of 50 copies, on ivory Fedrigoni Paper Arena 300 gsm, 25x50cm, with water based inks. The print is available on Fallani Venezia e-shop.

Exhibited at Splendidi Dialoghi. Splendid Venice Starhotel Collezione, Venezia (Italy) – April 10 – May 1, 2022