The exhibition “ALBERABILIA” at Ateneo Veneto is the final step of the project “La Montagna nel cuore e nella penna” which I took part during last summer with Luca Vascon and Moira Franco, Sara Rambaldi, Chiara Tronchin; Cristina Amodeo, Mattia Caracciolo, Davide Salvemini; Marco Paschetta, Laura Pedizzi, Elisabetta Percivati, visiting places that have been affected by the First World War and The Vaia Event in 2018 that destroyed several mountainous Veneto’s areas. 

We’ve been visiting three different areas involved in these events: Asiago plateau, Belluno Dolomites and Belluno Prealps. In each place a guide took us in the most important spots, to get the traces and remains of the first world war and Vaia storm.

During our visit Luca took 9 infrared 360º panoramas and I sketched on location 9 equirectangular drawings.
After the residency the artists created an inspired illustration, screen-printed by Fallani Venezia.

More info about the project:

A project by the Association Think, Say, Do and sponsored by Regione Veneto and Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri.