When I entered the Theatre Hall of La Fenice after the first lockdown and saw the installation “Chiglia”, I just knew I had to draw a panorama of that space. It was the beginning of an incredible journey.

I had the opportunity and the pleasure of spending a whole day in the Theatre, sketching on a large sheet of paper. During the next lockdown, I coloured the sketch in pastel and ink. What a privilege to work with such beauty!
The drawing was photographed, assembled and reprojected into a VR environment to produce the interactive version.
I hope that this panorama will convey to you some of the atmosphere I experienced.

360º painting
Drew from scratch on location in equirectangular format, pencil on 100×50 cm paper. Coloured with pastels, ink.

The framed panorama has been donated to the Theatre in December 2021, it is exhibited in a permanent installation at the Sale Apollinee. At La Fenice bookshop is available a special paper sphere kit.

Special thanks to Fondazione Teatro La Fenice, Daniela Almansi, Ugo Carmeni & Luca Vascon, Luca Zanazzi, my family and all my friends who supported me during this project.